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Mar 13, 2011 11:00pm PDT
commute. >> i'm ann notarangelo. good evening. the nuclear crisis in japan has just gotten worse. in the past few hours a second explosion has occurred inside one of the plants crippled by the tsunami and earthquake. six people were injured. the containment vessel is reportedly in tact. not known if any additional radiation has been released. some reports feeling the explosion some 25 miles away. linda yee has the latest on the nuclear crisis. >> reporter: another hydrogen explosion rocked the crippled fukushima nuclear power plant following yesterday's hydrogen plant blast in unit 1. it is broken into two sections. four faulty reactors at one and three faulty reactors out of six at the other. one exploded. experts feared pressure building up and now unit 3 has blown. more than 180,000 people have been evacuated from the area. up to 150 may have been exposed to radiation. officials are trying to reassure people saying the radiation is not life threatening. >> we were flightenned but the radiation turned out to be nothing to worry about. >> reporter: not everyone believes this and the
Mar 12, 2011 11:00pm PST
>>> we do believe that there is a possibility that melt down has occurred. >> nuclear anxiety in japan. tonight extraordinary measures after word of of emergency. >>> 6.12 days after the 8.9 catastrophe. >>> now, as new tsunami video emerges, thousands of miles away a tour of the bay area damage and the outrage. >> this is a joke, it's sickening. >>> good evening. the official death toll from japan's earthquake and tsunami just rose tonight to at least a thousand. and if those disasters weren't bad enough, now this the government says there's probably a partial melt down going on right now at a japanese nuclear power plant. here is the source of the fear. >> reporter: this blast at a nuclear power plant is putting all of japan on edge. three reactors are having problems with their cooling function. and top government spokesman says a partial melt down is likely underway. authorities have evacuated more than 200,000 people living within a 12-mile radius of the complex. an increase of radiation in the air can increase the risk of cancer and residents are being screened for exposure. >> t
Mar 19, 2011 11:00pm PDT
sale today. when last we checked, there were seats available. >>> japan making progress with its nuclear crisis, a new problem has appeared and amazing pictures of the tsunami as it washes away a driver and its car. and we missed tonight, what made this moon so special. swep rvived --and his v >>> just amazing pictures of the tsunami coming ashore in japan from inside a car as it was swept away. the driver survived and obviously his video survived. the man says he saw the wall of water, but he had no choice, but to keep going. incredibly the camera continues to roll as the car appears to begin floating away. >>> late word tonight that pressure is again rising inside one of the crippled nuclear reactors at the fukushima complex. charlie on the problems radiation is already causing for the food supplies. >> reporter: fierce about contamination from the crippled fukushima nuclear plant are growing. elevated levels of radiation. >> food product recorded radiation level that is over the limit stipulated in food safety laws. >> radioactive iodine was also found in tap water as far away
Mar 27, 2011 11:00pm PDT
nations. >>> another earthquake scare in japan prompting another tsunami warning. no additional damage was reported. >>> meanwhile the leaking radiation at the damaged nuclear reactors continue to measure at high levels. it was revised to 100,000 times above normal air. the fukushima plant shows steam rising from reactors as well as collapsed walls and roof. >>> the ripple effects of the disaster on auto industry continues to be felt around the world. toyota and honda are still struggling to resume normal production at their factories and dealers are now warning car buyers will soon have difficulties finding the model they want and thousands of auto plant workers will likely be told to stay home because of shortage of parts. >>> well, all the snow in the sierra may be a boom to everyone. there was so much snow accumulated on a roof it collapsed. fire crews and store employees are rushing to shovel the snow off other buildings before it damages them too. but for us, lawrence says there is sunshine on the way. >> okay, and i love the rain. but even i would like to see some sunshin
Mar 20, 2011 11:00pm PDT
,. >> the ripple effect from japan's triple disaster. how workers and consumers starting to fee the after shock. >>> and preserve for post it erity. where the air craft at the center of the miracle on the hudson is going. >> the weather center. we have four big storms headed or the bay area this week when are they hit? we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, woman and her 16- year-old grandson were rescued-- nine days after the earthquake leveled their home. they say they survived by eating or. . >>> a woman and her grand son were rescued nine days after the quake leveled their home. they survived by eating the fridge. >>> raidation is being detected in a wide array of food and in tap water. the newly released estimates say at least 18,000 have side and the world bank think itself will cost $235 billion to rebuild and take up to five- years. >>> one company is already beginning it's recovery. the nissan motor company expects to resume production tomorrow. the impact on the united states company. >> it's a jolt from japan's quake here at home. 900 workers at this plant are ou
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5